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Mindful May

For years, I’ve asked myself “What is it about yoga practice that I love so much? What brings me to the mat?”.

You see, I’ve never really cared about learning how to do handstands or splits. I’ve always been hesitant to identify myself as a “yogi” or “yoga teacher”. I’ve never really subscribed to the lifestyle or imagery of the culture of modern yoga.

The truth is: it’s always been so much deeper than that

This practice is deeply personal to me.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never really liked group classes for that reason: it’s really hard for me to get into myself, to really see and feel into myself, when there are so many other people in the room. 

Yoga is what I have turned to when I needed to work on my head, my thoughts, and my own challenges. It’s been the only practice that gets me out of my head and given me space to just.. be. Without judgement or critique. Without needing to show up a certain way. It’s the only practice where I’ve been able to loosen up the barriers and expectations I place on myself. And just show up as I am

And that has nothing to do with the shapes I make with my body

This month, we’re exploring the unspoken, and entirely potent and powerful experience of mindfully connecting with the self. 

No movement. No self-imposed expectations. Just .. be. As you are. Fully accepting and allowing yourself to show up, breathe a bit, and allow yourself to be yourself

This month, at Be the Love Wellness, you are invited to 31 days of short mindfulness practices with Mindful May.

Mindful May Tips

Mindfulness is a practice. It is also a skill. This skill is best developed with consistency, time, and as little effort as possible. 

What I love most about this practice, in particular, is that it does not require any movement. I can, at almost any time, take a short break, put on some headphones, close my eyes, and breathe.

And in that space and practice, I can find feelings of peace, ease, and lightness. I can find myself again.

Tools that can make mindfulness more enjoyable:

  1. Use headphones. If you can, headphones can help listent to the words and concentrate on the sound. It will also help eliminate distractions and support focus. 
  2. Get comfortable. You can do this practice seated on the floor, or in a comfortable chair, on a cushion, or with your favorite pillows to sit on.
  3. Train a tired mind. Mindfulness is a skill. If possible, practice at the beginning or end of day when the mind is tired.

Over time, if you practice these classes regularly, you’ll begin to notice that you have more mental space, more cognitive clarity, less reactivity, and so much more. Enjoy!


Mindful May Practice

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Minful May: Movement Classes

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