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Cultivating Balance

As we leave behind the cold, dry, quiet, contemplative season of winter, and invite in the warm, wet, busy, and connected season of spring, we have an opportunity to begin again. 

The season of spring is a time of renewal. It’s a chance to start fresh. To build something new. And to explore possibility by sowing new seeds and watching as they break ground, flourish, and grow. 

In many ways, as we enter into this particular spring, we are beginning again.

After what – for some of us – has been a 2-year long winter, we have a chance to enter into the world completely fresh, without any of obligation to what has been. 

It is an opportunity for each of us to ask ourselves: what does a balanced life look like? What do I truly want my days to include? What do I want to leave behind?

This month, at Be the Love Wellness, we are explore the wellness of mind, body, and being through BALANCE. 

How it works: 2 Ways to Practice

Each month, we offer a live and pre-recorded theme to experience, learn, and grow your practice. 

Practice Option #1: Self-Paced Calendar

Each month, we offer a PDF Calendar with a mix of made-for-you pre-recorded classes and some classic experiences from our On Demand Library. You can access this month’s calendar in the button above, or follow this link. We recommend printing a copy of the calendar  so you can check off the days you complete. To access the classes, just click on the class title in the PDF and it will bring you to that class. 

Practice Option #2: Live Classes

We offer 30 live classes each month, with one class each day. Check out our classes on the Live calendar, which includes links to join directly. All month long, we’ll teach classes based on the theme. Once taught live, those classes will be added to our On Demand Library, so you can enjoy them any time. 


Of course, you can also combine live and self-paced classes to get the most of our your membership. 


Practice BALANCE

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Daily Breath Practice

April 2022: Cultivating Balance

Daily Breath Practice

Balancing Energy Clearing


Yoga Nidra

Balance Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Balance Nidra w/ Music

Alternate Nostril Nidra


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