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Over the last few weeks, I’ve recommended our chair-based yoga class to several able-bodied, fit, busy, and badass yogis in our community.
And every time someone tries it, I hear about it.
They reach out because they can’t help by RAVE about how AWESOME IT IS.
Here’s more on why:
If you’re like me, you probably sit too much. Sitting has big consequences for the hips, the spine, and the body.
Over time, excessive sitting will lead to chronic pain in the back, hips, and shoulders. If you’ve developed chronic back, spine, hip, or shoulder pain this year, this may be why. The truth is, this year has forced many of us to be more home-based and move less than we ever have in our lifetimes.
I say this all the time, but it’s worth saying again: taking care of the human body requires you to be proactive, to get ahead of the pain, and to address the underlying tension BEFORE or as soon as you start to feel something is off.
That’s why we created this class. Because that pain in the neck, over time, is going to create something you do not want. And if the medicine, the solution, is this simple: WHY NOT START NOW?.
Join us every Wednesday at 5:15pm for a 30-minute Adaptive Reset class.
With a few intentional movements, some conscious attention to the body, and the expert guidance of our most experienced teacher here at BTL, you can reset your body, reset your posture, and leave your desk feeling OH SO GOOD.
Learn more and sign up here:
Want to try a sample class? Reach out and I’ll send you a link to give it a try. 🙂


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