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Welcome to your nervous system reset retreat

Let’s get comfortable, dim the lights, and relax


Welcome, dear yogi.

In this space, you are invited to take care, rest, and reset.

You are invited to follow what feels best for you. 

You are invited to chart your own course. 

We encourage you to sample it all, and create your own unique experience.

Let’s get started!

Set up your Home Space

(1) Set up your practice spot in a comfortable area of your home where you can practice without interruption.  

(2) Grab your props: bolster or couch pillows, yoga blanket or towel, yoga strap or belt, and yoga blocks.

(3) Get cozy with extra blankets, dress in layers, warm socks, and everything you need to feel warm and comfortable. 

(4) Prepare warm tea or water that will satiate and hydrate you throughout your experience. 

Have a wonderful practice, yogi!

Bonus Content

Your retreat starts now! Begin with these simple practices today.

Daily Meditation

Short daily practice to unwind

summer sutra experience yoga sutras study

Gentle Yoga Class

Release tension, breathe deeper  

Inquiry Practice

Discover through journal prompts

Time to Unwind

Join us for a weekend curated just for you.

Live Event Details


This program is both live and self paced. Live Program details: 

+ Friday 2/26 from 7-9pm; and 

+ Saturday 2/27 9am-1pm

All sessions will be recorded. By purchasing this program, you are given lifetime access to all sessions. 

Bonus Practices  

To prepare for the live program, we also provide materials for you to begin the process of transformation in preparation for our time together:

+ a short daily meditation

+ inquiry practice to uncover stress

+ gentle yoga class 

After this program, if you are feeling the call to dive deeper into healing, resetting your nervous system, and personal practice, we offer deeper dive practices to support you every step of the way.

Your Virtual Retreat Schedule

Each class is taught live and recorded, so you can come back to this practice again and again.

1   |  Welcome

2  |  Preparing your retreat space

3  |  Gentle yoga practice

4  |  Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)

5  |  DIY Self-care: hydration, oils, masks, and more

6  |  Yin Yoga

7  |  Mantras, mindset, creating space for a caring lifestyle 

8  |  Myofascial Release

9  |  After-care: relaxation and care as a lifestyle




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