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Move More in May

WEEk 2 Coaching

Hey, hey Move More in May!

Welcome to week 2. This week we’re diving into desire: what brought you here, what you want for yourself in practice, in life, in breath, and what drives you to dive deeper.

This week’s exercise includes:

  • Overview video
  • Guided Meditation
  • Worksheet / journaling

Don’t forget to Schedule your Live Classes

Just a reminder to sign up and schedule out your live classes for the week. Make sure to write it in your work calendar, block off the times, and make sure you have the support, space, and time to make it onto your mat.

Make some space for this week’s exercise. 

Carve out a morning or evening to dive into practice. When you’re ready, begin the meditation, notebook at the ready. Enjoy, yogi!

Week Two Coaching

Move More in May | 31 Meditation Classes in 31 Days

Your Heart’s Desire

Meditation Audio

Your Heart’s Desire 


Your Heart’s Desire

Daily Mantras

Move More in May | 31 Yoga Classes in 31 Days

Here’s what to do:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Listen to the audio meditation.
  3. Use the worksheets to journal, reflect, connect.
  4. Every day for 7 days, spend 2 minutes each day, rewriting the daily matra “I desire” statements.

Notice how your feeling towards the desires, change and shift over the course of a week. 

Questions for your journal:
  • Do you easily connect to intuition? Or is it challenging?
  • If your intuition has a feeling, where is it? Heart, gut, a general sense of knowing?
  • What practices help you to connect deeper with your intuition?


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