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Move More in May

WEEk 1 Coaching

Hey, hey Move More in May!
Welcome to week 1. Today we’re talking about:
  • booking live classes;
  • the natural schedule and rhythms of your day; and
  • finding your ideal time to practice

Schedule your Live Classes

First, today the most important task will be to go through your section’s calendar and sign up and schedule out your live classes for the week.
Then, take it a step further: write it in your work calendar, block off the times, and make sure you have the support, space, and time to make it onto your mat.
When you’re ready, here is your super-short (5 min) weekly coaching with me!

Week One Coaching

Daily Habits & Routines


Weekly Routines


Move More in May | 31 Yoga Classes in 31 Days

Here’s what to do:

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Use the worksheets to write out your typical weekday and your typical weekend day.
  3. If your day to day schedule is more variable, then use the weekly habits and write out your typical weekly schedule.
  4. This week, use the weekly habits and routines worksheet to track your actual schedule. Is it similar? Is it different? Make notes.

This is the science and practice of observation – and it gets to be fun!

Questions for your journal:
  • If you could start from scratch, what time of day would you want to practice?
  • What are your transition times: beginning of work day, meals, end of work day, preparing for rest.
  • Notice the variability and the consistency in your days.


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