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There is something truly magical about beginning together.

Whether it’s landing on the mat for the first time, or coming back to movement after years of rest, cross-training for a sport, or working on a health goal – when we begin together, there is this excitement and togetherness that makes the whole thing FUN.

That’s why we reserve the month of May for 31 classes in 31 days: a daily movement challenge that we affectionately call Move More in May.

Here’s what people say about Move More in May:

“Move More in May was the peak of my adult fitness.”
“Move More in May changed my life.”
“I have been practicing every day since Move More in May last year!”
“I am still learning. Move More in May brought me the confidence to start yoga. And now, a year later, I can call myself a yogi.”

I am SO EXCITED to offer you this experience, yogi. It is transformative. And powerful.

Whether you join to work on flexibility, or better cultivate your voice, or contemplate some of the deeper parts of who you are and what you want in life, completing Move More in May will launch you into your next level, help you show up bigger, and be the base for whatever next-level changes you want to create in your life.

And this year, we’re taking it to the next level, offering small group coaching, the option to add on private one-on-one classes, a full library of recorded classes to supplement your schedule, AND a whole new track that we’ve never offered before.

Watch the full announcement below, or pop on over to our website and get all the details.

This is your invitation to reach the next level in life and work, body and mind, being and spirit.

It is your chance to truly begin again.

Spots are limited for our small group coaching. If you would like to connect with our team, ask questions, or learn more about the program, send us an email and we’ll set up a discovery call.


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