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Last 21 in 2021

 December Movement Challenge

Whether you’ve been showing up every day, or searching for the time / headspace / connection to get on your mat, this daily movement challenge is designed to give you a little something to take care of your mind and body, amidst the holiday season. Not only will you get short daily practices you can do anywhere (including your desk), you’ll also get an earnest chance to move and open your body, as well as a head start on making positive changes for your mind, body, and being as we begin the new year. 

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Daily Practice

How it Works

At the end of the year, we can easily get caught up in the busy-ness of the holiday season, and completely put our own wellbeing to the side.

To inspire you to keep showing up, in the midst of it all, we offer this challenge each year. And this year – OH FRIEND, its got PRIZES.

Here’s how to participate:

Beginning December 1st, do at least 21 classes through our studio.

What counts as a class?

(1) 21 Live classes

(2) At least 11 Live Classes + up to 10 Classes from the Library

(3) Complete either Yoga Foundations or Power Foundations

Do the classes have to be done on separate days? 

Yes. With two exceptions. Here are the exceptions:

+ You complete one live and one On-Demand class in the same day
+ You complete two classes from the same 21-day program (Yoga Foundations or Power Foundations)

If you do more than that, you can write it on the additional lines at the end of the daily tracker to keep track of your work. 

How to Join the Challenge

Let us know you’re joining, so we can start preparing your prize!

What do I do once I’m complete?

Send photos of all 3 practice pages to our text line (978) 637-2165.

Daily Practice


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