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Are you ready, yogi?

Join our community and get ALL THE LOVE

Hey, hey, HEY YOGI!

Are you ready?

Ready to start moving your body every day.

Ready to get encouraged and supported to keep going. 

Ready to set real goals for yourself.

Ready to actually see them through. 

Ready to build community in wellness.

Ready to kick start your wellness.

Ready to see real, lasting results.

We help you create a wellness plan that works for you.

We've got you, yogi

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, our program will meet you where you are, help you develop a wellness plan, and support you to see it through. 

That’s why we offer a variety of classes: to meet you where you are.

At each stage of practice.

At each stage of your wellness journey. 

Because it is a journey, friend.

And – let’s be real – journeys are way more fun with a plan, a lot of options, and friends to join and celebrate with you.


And we work with you to achieve it.

A little bit of everything you need

Live Virtual Classes

On-Demand Library


True story: Studies show that 95% of people who started a wellness program with friends completed that program.

Your goals are possible

Whether you’re here to start a practice and give it a try, or develop some real, whole-hearted strategies to reduce stress, improve your overall health, or manage chronic pain — we have something for you here, yogi.  

+ We’ll help you to set a vision.

+ We’ll identify classes and offerings that will help you get started. 

+ And we’ll follow up to help you achieve it. 


Your wellness goals are possible, friend. 

With the right support, with the right team, your possibilities are endless. All you need is to believe it’s possible. With the right team to guide you, and the willingness to show up, it will happen.

Let’s do this

Lace up those sneakers, roll out that mat, and let’s start moving


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