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Have you been practicing studio yoga for a while? Maybe you’ve dropped into a couple of classes, and you would like to understand a little more about what you’re doing on the mat and why? Maybe your physician or therapist suggested trying yoga, but you want a little more information on WHY and what to do when you’re on the mat.
If that sounds familiar, yogi, then Yoga Foundations is for you!
In this program, you’ll learn the foundations of yoga practice. From getting comfortable on the mat with the right props, to yoga pose breakdowns that help you practice safely, to finding adaptive ways to feel comfortable and supported on the mat. We’ll give you the building blocks of finding your own groove on the mat, starting slow, and building into strong and supported physical asana shapes. You’ll even get knowledge that we typically don’t share until yoga teacher training: the fundamentals of yoga philosophy.
In this program, you’ll get the things we don’t talk about in your average yoga class, but that are so fundamental and helpful when practicing yoga.
These concepts are universal. You can bring them with you to ANY studio, ANY class, practiced ANYWHERE!
What to expect
The classes in this program are designed to be accessible, floor-based with props for support. Some classes may be practiced in a chair for ease of the practitioner. Adaptations are offered, including instruction on what props are needed and what to look for when purchasing them. We also offer extra tips for how to modify and adapt your practice to support a wider range of motion. For the classes that are more physical, we offer additional gentle classes as an alternative.
This program starts slow, with gentle yoga classes, and offers some all-levels yoga experiences.
As part of this program, you will receive:
+ Daily emails for 21-days with beginner-to-intermediate classes to help you get started
+ Additional coaching on what to expect, what you might be experiencing, how to find the right props, etc.
+ 15-40 minute accessible yoga classes
+ Instruction on WHY we’re doing what we’re doing
+ Pose breakdowns: learn how to do the foundations of a pose
+ Information to get started with the roots of yoga: yoga philosophy, history, and more
Program Outline
Week 1: Yoga is Union
Week 2: Introduction to Asana (Alignment)
Week 3: Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
Foundational Poses outlined in this program:
Tabletop Pose
Mountain Pose
Downward Dog
Additional Topics Covered:
+ Seated, accessible yoga classes
+ Introduction to breath in yoga
+ Introduction to meditation in yoga
+ Introduction to basic alignment in yoga
+ Introduction to breath-body-mind experience
+ Resiliency, stress management, and how yoga supports overall wellbeing
+ What equipment you need for class
+ How to sit without hurting your knees
+ Shoulder, neck, and low back support
If you’re interested in learning a well-rounded, accessible, and adaptive way to practice yoga, this 21-day self-paced program is for you!


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