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How do I sit in yoga class without hurting my knees?

Yogi, this is something that comes up again and again in conversation with friends and family that are interested in starting yoga and have tender or sore knees, past knee surgeries, or just don’t love the idea of getting up and down a lot in yoga class.

Even for the average able-bodied yogi, regular practice can put a lot of pressure on the hands, wrists, and knees when we do a floor-based practice.

The truth is, sitting correctly, with a supported spine, can make a big difference not just for your knees, but also for chronic low back, shoulder, and even neck pain.

This is a simple, quick fix. And with a little information and the right supportive props, you can comfortably sit in class without the pain.

In this video, we’ll talk about:

+ How to fold a yoga blanket to get the right support
+ Folding to get a great flat surface for your seat
+ Modifying your practice by sitting in a chair
+ How to double up props
+ How to use a yoga blanket
+ Using folds to get higher support for knees and hips

For this class, you’ll want 1-2 yoga blankets or towels, a block or bolster, and a chair (just to give it a try!).


How to Sit in Yoga Class


About this {Begin} Yoga Program

This class is part of a series designed to help new yogis and people that have been practicing for some time, but want to better understand yoga, get started or learn more about what yoga is, how it works, and what to expect.

We’re here to help you sort out what to do, how to start, and help you build enough knowledge to feel fully comfortable getting started with yoga.

We’ll answer beginner yoga questions such as:
+ What equipment do I need for yoga class?
+ How do I sit comfortably in yoga class without hurting my knees?
+ What is it like to be in a yoga class?
+ What is yoga?
+ What is regular yoga practice like?

In this series, we’ll also build on this with some bigger questions that will help you sort out what yoga is all about, so that you can make an informed choices about how to develop your own home yoga practice.

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