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Have you ever asked yourself – how can I get MORE emails from this awesome studio?
What can I do to receive some good-old-fashioned daily inspiration?
You know, a little pick-me-up to start your day.
Maybe a short class to get in the habit of daily practice.
Well, friend, if that sounds like you — gosh, we have quite the treat.
The other day I gave the hush-hush secret that I spent the first half of this summer creating a foundations program to help you build daily practice.
And today, well, today I’m giving you the whole momma. The full details. The scoop. The house special.
Here it is, friend.
Introducing: Yoga Foundations
Have you been practicing studio yoga for a while?
Maybe you’ve dropped into a couple of classes, and you would like to understand a little more about what you’re doing on the mat and why?
Maybe your physician or therapist suggested trying yoga, but you want a little more information on WHY and what to do when you’re on the mat.
If that sounds familiar, yogi, then Yoga Foundations is for you!
In this program, you’ll learn the foundations of yoga practice. From getting comfortable on the mat with the right props, to yoga pose breakdowns that help you practice safely, to finding adaptive ways to feel comfortable and supported on the mat.
We’ll give you the building blocks of finding your own groove in practice, starting slow, and building into strong and supported physical asana shapes.
You’ll even get knowledge that we typically don’t share until yoga teacher training: the fundamentals of yoga philosophy.
In this program, you’ll get the things we don’t talk about in your average yoga class, but that are fundamental and really helpful to know when practicing yoga.
These concepts are universal. You can bring them with you to ANY studio, ANY class, practiced ANYWHERE!
And the best part? Each class gets delivered straight to your inbox. Classes are short (10-40 min), so you can fit them into most days. This program is meant to be easy for you to follow, which means daily emails, inspiration, done-for-you calendar and checklists. It’s everything you need to get started with yoga practice, and do so with support, encouragement, and enough coaching to get you through.
You can start a daily yoga practice. You can learn yoga from the comfort of your home. And, even better, you can HAVE FUN WITH IT TOO!
Learn more, join the program, and dive into 21 days of daily movement, care, and that feel-good after-yoga feeling!


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