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This class is a gentle, slow floor-based practice that brings together many of the shapes we’ve practiced so far. 

Today we also dive back into the conversation we’re having with our physical bodies in the space of a yoga class. 

So often the body signals for some kind of adaptation – from stretching your arms, to adjusting your hips, to rolling your shoulders. 

Yogi, these small signals are SO IMPORTANT for you to pursue in your own yoga practice.

Why? Because even something as simple as stretching your arms over your head can be one way that the body is more able to get into the parasympathetic nervous system, reduce or remove stress from the tissues, and help your mind become more at ease.

Signals such as a yawn are a great indication that your body is relaxing – and that’s a good thing!

For this class, you’ll want a strap and a yoga blanket or towel. Enjoy, yogi!

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