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In this class, we’ll dive into movements in the hips and pelvis. It will provide more support and space for your body to adapt to larger range of motion in the largest joint in the body. 

Why hips and pelvis? 

I am so glad you asked!

The hips and pelvis, and the angle at which they land, are often the biggest misalignment in the body. Without mobility in the hips, you may experience chronic back pain, chronic knee or shoulder pain, and so much more. 

As we build our yoga practice from the ground up, the pelvis is a critical part of how we can realign the body to be in integrity, in better alignment, and once we get there: then we can start to build more advanced postures with a great, strong foundation. 

If we miss this, as MANY people and regular yoga practitioners often do, the result can lead to injury, from minor pulls and tears, to stress fractures. 

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