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This class is a master-class in how to adapt your Downward Dog to find strength and alignment for the long term.

Downard dog, aka Adho Mukha Svanasana, is a pose that shows up a lot in yoga class – especially in Vinyasa. 

Once mastered, this pose is DELIGHTFUL for the back and spine. It can feel really nice to stretch out the body and breathe a bit. 

As a yoga teacher, I can attest to the truth that SO OFTEN beginners and regular yoga practitioners try to force their bodies into the ideal poster-board cutout asana shapes before their bodies are ready to get there. 

Here’s what happens when we do that: the body learns to do a different shape than what you are trying to do. 

This is how injury happens. 

As a seasoned yogi, I PROMISE YOU: I still bend my knees in Down Dog EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in the shape. And it’s not because I’m weak or unable to do it: it’s because I need my body to stay in integrity, and stay strong, so I can keep showing up on my mat every day. 

Those of us that get caught up in the ego of wanting to appear farther ahead than they are will always – always – get bit by it. 

So let’s save everyone the ups and downs, the heartache, and the physical and monetary expense of physical therapy and just do it the safe way from the beginning. 

When you’re done with this practice, it’s a great idea to come back to this overview on the regular – either in this video OR in the shorter daily downward dog video that pairs with this (link:

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