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Grace, Grit, Gratitude, and Growth

BTL Finish Strong 2020


Are you ready to kick 2020 to the curb? Maybe you’ve just had enough already, and you want some space to breathe, let go, and start the new year with a fresh perspective, maybe a little more hope and a lot more ease?

If that’s you, yogi, then we have a great program for you!!

For 31 days in December, we’ll offer you a Be the Love special mix of spice and space, as we set intentions for the year ahead, release the grit and grime of 2020, honor your growth, and usher in wellbeing and good tidings for 2021, with gratitude.

Hi, my name is Julie and I am the founder of Be the Love. In this awesome program, I’ll be here alongside Team BTL to lead you through 31 days of the perfect mix of strength and grace, sass and ease, and have a lot of fun in between.

In this program, you’ll have a chance to practice with most of the team here at BTL. They will offer you a range of yoga, meditation, mindset, dance, and HIIT fitness – just to round it all out.

Because sometimes, you just need to sweat through it.

Feel free to scream, cry, smile, laugh, and let the emotions run though — clearing space for the abundance and goodness ahead for you in 2021.

Details of this Course

So much of how we experience life is influenced by the mindset that we begin the day with. Good thoughts often bring good experiences, which lead to good days. We will bring this practice into focus, starting by taking the time to set and test solid intentions, and slowly bringing your mindset – and heartfelt desires – into practice.

The course begins with meditation and mindset (grace), leads you through gentle movement and compassion (gratitude), and challenges you to use that grit and determination to the level of challenge that feels best for you to realize your own growth.

I mean, we’re yogis after all. ūüėČ

We’ll offer a variety of ways to physically practice, with a selection of gentle, all-levels, vinyasa, and HIIT fitness classes.

And we’ll usher in a new year with clear minds and clear hearts.

Meet the Team

Alisa Stevens

Yin Yoga

Lindsey Melancon


Caitrin Adelman

Vinyasa + Gentle Yoga

Heather Keyes

Gentle Yoga, Myofascial Release

Laura Richardson

HIIT Fitness

How it Works

Each day in December, we’ll release content for that day. Each day could include a meditation, short yoga class (20-45 minutes), extended practice (45-75 minutes), worksheet, exercise, video, and/or reading. That’s 31 days of practice.

Complete each day, check it off on your tracking checklist, and watch as this practice transforms mind, body, and being – from the inside out.

The course has several mini-sections, so you have variety, and a handful of mini-courses to come back to whenever you’d like.¬†

Setting Intentions: Cultivating Grace and Joy
Day 1: Setting Intentions
Day 2: Grace & Joy
Day 3: Loving Kindness Dedication
Day 4: Self-Indulgence
Day 5: Gratitude
Day 6: Acknolwedge Your Grit
Day 7: Giving Yourself Grace

Cultivating Your Grit: HIIT Fitness, Strength, and Flow
Day 8: HIIT for your Grit
Day 9: Growth
Day 10: Heat it Up
Day 11: Set Your Vision on Completion
Day 12: You are Nature

Nervous System Reset: the How and Why of Slow Movement
Day 13: Resetting Your Nervous System
Day 14: Notice Your Breath
Day 15: Process and Release
Day 16: Roll it Out
Day 17: Gratitude Practice

Using Gratitude to Set Bold a Vision
Day 18: Gratitude Practice
Day 19: Gratitude Practice
Day 20: Big, Audacious Visioning

Lunar Abundance: Manifesting with the Moon
Day 21: New Moon Intention Setting
Day 22: First Quarter Moon Refining
Day 23: Full Moon Manifesting
Day 24: Third Quarter Moon Offering

Growth: Refining Your Vision for an Abundant Year Ahead
Day 25: JourneyDance
Day 26: Growth in Practice
Day 27: Growth in Practice
Day 28: Growth in Practice
Day 29: Growth in Practice
Day 30: Vision Board
Day 31: Bring Your Vision to Life

This course also includes a library of 40+ yoga classes, so you have more than enough to choose from as you continue on this journey of Grace, Grit, Gratitude, and Growth in the year ahead. 

Once purchased, you will have access to this course for life.



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