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Day 8: HIIT for your Grit 

Let’s turn it up a notch

Okay, yogi. It’s time to turn it up a notch! We’re offering you a short mindset exercise and an awesome heat-building class with Laura. 

Two days ago we started grit work with a list of things you’ve grown through.

You know those moments – the ones in your life where you have been tried. The hard stuff. The sad stuff. The work stuff. And, let’s be real, all that 2020 stuff. 

Today, you’re going to work with that list to build up some momentum and tenacity BEFORE today’s HIIT class. 

So when you’re ready, go grab the list you made on day 6 or use the link below to print another copy. 

A Mindset Exercise on Grit

With your list in hand, of all the things you have gone through and grown through, pick one or two events that you feel you navigated really well. 

A moment when you were challenged or tested, when you came out feeling proud of how you handled it.

I know you’ve got at least one, friend. 

Now, with that memory in your mind, connect with that old version of yourself. The one that showed her strength, and her tenacity. The one that was unapologetic or just plain BRAVE.

Remember her. Talk to her. What advice would she give you right now? What would she say/do to encourage you? 

Now tap into that strength, hold her words in your mind, and get on your mat, friend. Let’s do this! 


Day 8 Introduction

HIIT Fitness for Grit


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