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Day 7: Give Yourself Grace

Let’s talk about Grace.

Today, it’s time to take care of YOU, yogi. We’re going to slow down the nervous system and the mind with some lovely, restful movement with Caitrin.

But first, let’s talk about grace. 

You know, so often we’re given this cultural idea that in order to be healthy, you need to sweat and strive, even to the point of exhaustion. Our culture celebrates over-work and critiques a slower pace of life. 

But as we learn and begin to understand more through this program, developing physical strength is just one piece of wellness. 

Another equally important piece of wellbeing is your ability to rest.

And I don’t mean the binge-watch-a-series kind of rest. Rather, the kind of deep, peaceful, restorative, rest that you can get through yoga, slow movement, and meditation. 

Listen, the human body is complicated.

But our culture is also improperly skewed towards recognizing masculine forms of care: gyms, fitness, running, achievements at work, the need to succeed and ladder-climb, all while balancing all the things. 

When rest is encouraged, it’s often considered to be something that just naturally happens, as if it’s easy. 

But, gosh, if you have to work hard at work and working out, why would it be different for rest and actively relaxing?

Like anything else, rest takes practice. 

So today, we’re going to practice rest. And in your handout, you’re going to list the ways in which you rest, and discover the ones that are really effective, and the ones that aren’t. 

Have a wonderful class, yogi!

Day 7 Introduction

Gentle Yoga Practice for Grace


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