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Day 4: Self-Indulgence

Why Self-Indulgence?

Gosh, yogi: I could spend a lifetime talking and teaching about the practice and importance of self-indulgence. 

As women, we are often taught that the highest act we can give the world is to be self-less. 

Self-less: as in the loss of yourself, entirely given over to your kids, or family, or job, or some form of caring for others. 

In this day and age, it amazes me how much we still collectively value the hard-working, do-it-all woman over self-care and rest. 

We are working ourselves to the bone to live up to a narrative that was built to run us into the ground.  

After all, what woman can complete for a titled position in the office, while balancing the needs of her kids, her hormonal cycle, and the mental emotional toll we put ourselves, and each other, through? 

And instead of acknowledging that, we repress it. And work harder. And set more unattainable goals. 

Who wins when that happens? Certainly not our families, or careers. Certainly not the people we love and serve though our work. 

There is a better way, friend. 

One that allows us, as individuals, to care deeply for ourselves through conscious, careful practices that fill you up at the soul level.

Choosing to actively rest, to care for your body, or mind, or energy, is a true act of self-love

Doing so can give you more than netflix or food or wine ever could. 

And it’s in that act of self-love, that you may become more rested, more whole, and more happy. And you know what happens then?

You show up stronger, clearer, and more effective in everything you do.


Today’s practice is all about feeding your soul with long, gentle shapes that give you the time and space to just be with yourself

Let your thoughts wander, or let go of thought all together. And instead come into a place of rest and relaxation: somewhere close to asleep, yet still awake and present enough to experience the deep release that comes when your body and mind have a chance to relax. 

This is self-indulgence, dear friend. And it starts right now. 


Day 4 Introduction

Yin for Self-Indulgence


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