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Day 3: Loving Kindness Dedication

Why practice dedication?

It’s no secret that I rarely ever offer a dedication in the beginning of yoga class. It’s common in yoga, for new teachers especially, to lead class with a dedication. 

If years of practicing yoga, meeting fellow yogis, and being a mom have taught me anything: it’s how common it is for all of us to look at everything and everyone else, rather than doing the work of inward reflection.

Without that internal compass to guide, it can be nearly impossible to truly allow this work, this practice of yoga, into your being. 

It’s through tilling and cultivating the internal soil, that you may begin to plant roots in practice and allow the perfect circumstances for authentic growth to occur. 

Still, it is impossible for anyone to exist in this world, and to live fully, without reciprocal relationships with people that genuinely care about your wellbeing. 

And that’s why we are intentionally dedicating today’s practice to the people in your life that you love, and that unconditionally love you back. 

We’re talking about your grandparents, or sisters, or children. We’re talking about the childhood best friend that you knew you could count on no matter what. We’re talking about real relationships, that are built on something more than convenience or circumstance: the relationships you’ll fight to keep. 

Today we offer a practice and meditation. Feel free to take them in either order. Make sure you allow enough time to let your mind and body find ease for meditation. And have your journal nearby – you might find it helpful to write a quick note or text someone you love today. 


Day 3 Introduction

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Practice


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