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Day 20: Visualizing Your Year Ahead

Let’s dream big.

Today, it’s time to get our of your head, and into your heart, with a visualization exercise that will help you build the foundation for your next year ahead. 

Listen, it’s not easy to meditate. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And doing exercises like this can be challenging even for a regular practitioner. 

But this is a visualization. It’s an exercise in imagination. It’s an invitation to THINK BIG. And that big audacious thinking is essential to creating the life you want, calling in the manifestations you desire, and allowing in all the steps and small decisions you’ll make to get there.


Today’s exercise is also important because we’ll be working with what we do today for the next several days, as we begin a 4-part series on manifesting with the moon.

For this practice, you’ll want an essential oil or natural scent that you can put on your hands and body. Something that you can meditate with.

Also, have your journal ready. This is the kind of exercise that can inspire a lot of writing and thinking.

Let’s think big this year, yogi! I can’t wait to hear what you’re calling in!


Day 20 Introduction

Visualization Meditation

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