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Day 2: Grace & Joy

Cultivate Grace through Joy

Usually when I start a program like this, I immediately start with getting into deeper feelings – you know, rather than looking at a reaction to an event or circumstance, we dive deeper and look at where it’s coming from. It shakes you up, and it helps bring light to aspects of the self that require more care and attention. 

But I think 2020 has brought enough shake ups, and I think if we really want to dive into grace, it’s more important to evoke some feelings in the heart that might feel a little removed from where we are today: it’s time to let the heart feel JOY. 

Today I’m offering two versions of the same class: one with a little more movement, one with less.

Let your mood guide what feels best for you. You can always come back and try the other later this month. 


Journal Prompt: What brings you joy?

As an extension of this practice, take a few minutes today to journal, go for a walk, maybe contemplate or talk out loud (that’s what I do!) about the following:

Close your eyes and spend a few minutes thinking back to memories, past friendships, times in your life when you felt joy

  • As you remember, allow yourself to experience that moment again. Remember who you were then, what was important to you, and what about that moment was so significant for you. 
  • You want to let the feeling of joy fill your heart. You might feel sensations of warmth, or lightness. When I think of joyful feelings, I think of the color yellow, and imagine it surrounding my heart. 
  • Write for a few minutes. Write about that joyful memory. Write a note to someone to that friend, to that version of yourself. Write about the joy. Share what made you feel so joyful. Share how much you appreciate that moment. You don’t need to send the note, the exercise is all about feeling that joy, and the gratitude that comes with it. 

Throughout the day, come back to that memory. Print or post a picture in your house, in your office, maybe on social media. Make it visible. Share it. Let it be infectious and happy. Allow the feelings to continue with you for the entire day. 

Day 2: Grace + Joy Introduction

Practice: Grace + Joy – Gentle

(This is an excerpt from class #2: Grace + Joy – All Levels)

Practice: Grace + Joy – All-Levels

Grace, Grit, Gratitude, Growth #BTLFinish Strong day 2 all levels


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