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Day 19: Churn it Out (HIIT)

Today we’re going to kick it up a notch with another HIIT class with Laura. Before you skip past this one, yogi, let’s take a moment to remember why we have HIIT in here to begin with

This class, and the practice of challenging your physical body, is a way of reminding you of your own strength. It’s about tenacity. It’s about GRIT. It’s about showing up because that’s what you do. And following through on hard things is exceptionally rewarding. 

Here’s the thing.

If you’re anything like me, you may tend to put off the hard things. You know, the things you’ve decided are just TOO HARD and are going to be taxing or time consuming.

And so maybe you put it off.

And it keeps getting pushed back.

And sometimes, it never happens at all.

But just like the rest of this program, this particular practice is intentional. And we want you to give it a try today, yogi, even if it’s not something you’re enthusiastic about. 



A note about practicing at home. 

You see, you have a huge advantage with this recorded program. Because when you’re in a live online class, or an in-person fitness class, and you’re sweating it out among other people — you may feel pressure to be able to keep up with everyone around you. And that kind of keeping up can be exhausting. 

This program is designed for you to do at home. 

Which means that the pace and intensity and length of time you do this practice is ENTIRELY your choice. Gosh, you could just do the first 10 minutes. You could do the first 30 seconds of each move and take a break. You could modify the ENTIRE class. 

And you know what? 

NO ONE would know. 

I know it can be easy to skip past some things – especially when they’re hard. 

But today, today is your chance to get through it. To grit it out anyway. And to do so in a way that works for what you’re able to show up for today

So when you’re ready, get your gear, grab your mat, and LET’S DO THIS, friend!



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