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Day 18: Open Your Heart – Gratitude Flow

The Power of Gratitude

The frequency of the human heart can be measured 8 feet from the human body. 

Even without the science to back this up, you know that this is true. 

Have you ever walked into a room and been able to feel the energy in it?

My favorite example of this is a gathering with people that don’t know each other very well, or worse – don’t like each other. The mood there is just.. off. It’s not a place anyone really wants to be. And while conversation might be casual, you know something’s not right. It’s the kind of situation you visit for the polite amount of time, then skip out. 

There is an entirely different feeling when you are around old friends or family that haven’t seen each other in a while. They laugh, tell inside jokes, and have a way of being together so much that you can feel the warmth and connection. 


When my husband and I were dating, we used to go out to eat and watch the other couples in the restaurant. I remember being able to see the awkwardness of a first date and contrasting that with the comfortable silence of an older couple. 

Journal Prompt

Take a moment to think back to a time when you felt joyful in the company of others. Maybe it was gratitude, or laughter, or just genuine comfort of being in the company of people that you enjoy being around.

For a few minutes, just allow yourself to feel those feelings again. Think back to fond memories. Let your heart fill with joy. 

Can you feel the difference in your heart? Can you see it on your face? 

The feelings of your heart are palpable. So let yourself feel some gratitude and connection, and get ready for a wonderful practice with Caitrin. 


Day 18 Introduction

Vinyasa 2 Yoga for Opening


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