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Day 14: Notice Your Breath 

Today’s practice is all about becoming aware of the subconscious indicators your body offers to indicate which state your autonomic nervous system is in. 

First, we’ll begin with the breath. Notice the breath pattern you have as you enter class. Is it fast or slow? Uneven? Shallow? Deep? Make a mental note of the qualities of your breath.

We will begin today’s restorative class with a few minutes of breath awareness. This is different from guided breath in that your work is not to stay on pace, it is to bring attention continually back to the breath. 

This is not an easy practice, so give yourself some grace if it feels hard. That’s okay. Keep going. 

Without giving it away, also take a moment at the beginning of practice to notice your tongue: is it on the roof or the floor of your mouth? Make a mental note about where it is. 

Throughout class, bring your attention occasionally back to the breath. Notice as it changes. 


 What qualities does your breath have as you relax? How do the qualities shift as you continue throughout class?

Take a moment to describe it, make a mental note, or write about it in your journal. 

Continue this observation throughout class. 

At the end, notice your tongue. Has it moved? Where is it now? The answer comes at the end of class. 

A Note about Class

If you are finding restorative to be too slow, no worries. Just as like other forms of exercise, being able to relax takes patience and practice. You can’t do pushups without building that muscle.

The same is also true for relaxation exercises. Give yourself time, space, and a nice home environment to support a delightfully restful experience. Enjoy!



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