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Day 12: You are Nature

Let’s talk about your nature

Today’s practice is no joke: it’s the last day of our mini-series on grit, and Caitrin is leading you to finish strong with a core-focused vinyasa class that will have you building that internal agni, firing up your heart, and preparing you for the oh-so-good release arriving tomorrow. 

But before we get to the release, I want to talk about some of the cultural myths we have around growth. 

You see, for better or worse, we live in a patriarchal society. Built by men for the benefit of trail blazing, building incredible systems, and profiting each step of the way. 

It’s competitive and raw, at times, but the benefits have included some really incredible advancements in technology and travel that can connect us in ways we have never known before. 

When it comes to personal growth, it’s really common to model the individual off of the robust power of our biggest corporations or most expansive industries in a model of constant-growth that demeans and destroys anyone that can’t keep up. 


This well-oiled machine might work well for capitalism, but when it comes to the human being, the idea of constant, measurable, visible growth is a myth. 

Not only is it unrealistic, it’s just not based in how we work. 

In the days that come, we’re going to talk more about the body, and specifically the autonomic nervous system, and uncover the WHY and HOW of that truth. 

But for now, I want you to think of your body as the reflection of nature that it is.

Think of yourself like a tree. 

And just like a tree, in order to grow strong and tall, to expand your branches and flourish, you must also do the invisible work of strengthening your root system. 

And that practice in action looks like rest, awareness, and a deep connection to healing and growth. 

For today, let’s get our butts kicked. 

And tomorrow, we will begin the much-needed reset to release, transform, and strengthen, on the inside. 


Day 12 Introduction

Vinyasa 2 Yoga for Core


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