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Day 10: Heat it Up

Dig Deeper, yogi

Today in class, and in our workbooks, we’ll build up some agni, get clarity and direction, and with that: start to set sights on what comes next. 

In yoga and ayurveda, Agni is the heat or fire one possesses to digest food, sweat, and transform. 

Through cultivating that heat, we are better able to see life with clarity, purpose, and the motivation to see it through. 

If agni is excessive, however, it can be explosive, obsessive, become hyper-focused (as if not able to see the forest through the trees), and lose direction. 

That’s why today’s practice is a bit of both: purpose, fire, motivation, mixed with breath, movement, and release. 


Using today’s worksheet, you will dive deeper into the level 10 life exercise. 

You will identify the areas in your life where you feel the most satisfied, and begin to explore what that means. 

You will identify the areas in your life where you feel least satisfied, want to expand, or would like to feel greater satisfaction. And, just like before, you will begin to articulate what that means. 

It’s through this exercise that you will get some clarity and direction to that will be used to help set goals for the year ahead in the days to come. 

Day 10 Introduction

Vinyasa 3 Yoga to Fire it Up


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