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Day 1: Setting Intentions

Why intention setting?

Like most of the work we do here at BTL, growth begins by trusting the process of practice. And so, we begin this program with clear, unambiguous DESIRE. And we invite that desire to become an intention for this program.

Take a moment to do this desire visualization, which is an excerpt from a recent restorative yoga class. Allow yourself to set into desire, to feel through what you most want. Start with desire for this moment. Expand that desire into the month ahead. And then continue to grow that desire in your heart to the year ahead.

Then, complete the worksheet.



Using the intention setting worksheet, take some time to bring your intention to life with magazine clippings, doodles, word art, 

or any other medium that helps you to adequately articulate desire into manifest (meaning, something real, tangible, and more fully formed).

An intention could be as simple as wanting more ease in life. In this example, what would represent ease? Maybe comfortable clothes, more sleep, less stress, and a greater sense of satisfaction. Each of these items will look different for each person, so make your version.

Then get to work on the rest of the worksheet. Answer the questions, journal, write it out.

If you’re like me, your creative process might involve a short walk or talking out loud to yourself.

Whatever your process, this step is critical to beginning the process of setting a strong intention and starting this new year’s mindset – TODAY.

Day 1 Introduction

Intention Setting Meditation

(Excerpt from this restorative class)

Grace, Grit, Gratitude, Growth #BTLFinish Strong day 1 restorative


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