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core Foundations

About this Program

Core Foundations is a self-paced program designed to help you ignite, activate, and strengthen your core from the inside out. Using a mix of yoga shapes and alignment, personal training tools, and physical therapist-approved methods of strengthening deep core tissue, we’ll teach you how to use muscle activation to make even the simplest yoga shapes a fierce core-strengthening move. 

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Practice with Michelle Masella


Daily Practice

How it Works

Program Outline

Week 1: Core Engagement Basics | 15-minute practices to introduce you to the shapes, build foundations, and begin to develop core strength and core activation with awareness. This week, you’ll also get introduced to daily practice videos

Week 2: Developing Integrity in Practice | 30-minute, slow paced classes focused on building foundations with structural integrity. This week incorporates additional movements into each class to keep practice going.

Week 3: Dynamic Strength | 45-minute, cumulative slow flow-based yoga classes that build off previous classes, with the same strength and integrity, and more intensity.

Approach to Practice

In this program, you’ll learn how to engage your core in some of the most basic of yoga shapes: tabletop, plank, runner’s lunge, and bridge. We’ll also cover how to use a stable core to move in transitions, and the fundamentals of downward dog. 

Begin by downloading the PDF Workbook. Here, you’ll track progress, use the calendar for links to classes, set intentions, and reflect on the program. 

Accessing the Program

The entire program is linked in a Vimeo Showcase. Use the link below and enter access code “BTL21” to see the videos. 

Daily Practice

Tabletop Daily

Daily Plank

Downward Dog

Runner’s Lunge

Bridge Pose

Transitions Practice


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