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Yoga for Runners

Running + Community + Cross-training

Maybe you want to start running.

Maybe you have run in the past, but you’re out of practice.

Maybe you hit the pavement almost every day, and your boy is tense.

We have the solution, friend.


Weekly training program.


Mindfulness + Mindset.


Weight training + HiiT classes for runners.

Everything you need to move, get stronger, gain speed and endurance, stay injury-free, and maybe even have some fun in the process.

It’s all here.

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you

– Misty Copeland

Meet Caitrin

Caitrin was introduced to yoga as a way to supplement a running regiment that had left her sidelined with a hip injury.

What began as a physical practice to allow her hip to heal quickly transformed into a practice that provided mental clarity and emotional healing.

Off the mat, Caitrin is a licensed mental health counselor and a teacher at a therapeutic school. She believes strongly in the whole-body approach to health and loves that yoga offers a beautiful medley of physical health, mindfulness, and mental well-being.

She believes that yoga offers a space to challenge oneself physically, while also challenging mental patterns that can stand in the way of achieving a greater happiness.


Focus on moving forward, not on the size of your steps

What to Expect

Run Schedule

Move More in May | 31 Yoga Classes in 31 Days


Yoga + Cross-training

Move. Adapt. Stretch. Strengthen.

We know runners bodies. Why? Because we are runners.

We know what drives you to lace up your sneakers, hit the pavement, and leave your thoughts behind. We know what it feels like when you turn the corner on that last leg of a race, and put everything you’ve got into getting to that finish line. We know what it’s like to set new personal records. We know what it’s like to need to get out for a run. We know, because we do it too.

We also know what happens to the body, how brittle it can become without the proper stretching and conditioning. We know what it feels like to touch someone’s skin, and feel the layers of tension and stress from years of running without the right care. We know the internal fight that happens when you know you need to hit the mat, but you really really don’t want to.

With the right support, with continued practice, you can increase flexibility, improve strength, clear your mind, get clear on your goals, and find yourself beating your personal best.

All you have to do is take the first step. 

Included in Yoga for Runners Club

Supportive practices to help you get the most out of each day

+ Suggested running program

+ PDF guidebook

+ Monthly coaching

+ Daily workouts + training

+ Monthly themes 

+ Library of yoga classes

+ 20-min Yoga classes

+ 5-min warm up / 5-min cool down

+ Private community

+ Bonus yoga + mindfulness tools 


Let’s do this

Lace up those sneakers, roll out that mat, and let’s start moving


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