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BTL Run Club: October 2020

This month in Run club

October’s theme for Run Club is Self-Compassion. Ooooof. This is a big one! Self-compassion is a learned behavior, and trust that it takes time for the value of self-compassion to sink in.

What does self-compassion mean for us as runners? Self-compassion also means recognizing what your body is asking for in a given moment. An extra yoga practice? An extra mile to enjoy the fresh air? An extra rest day? 5 extra rest days? Take some time this month to turn inwards and focus on the physical sensations that arise as you are running. Next, turn inwards and focus on the thoughts as they arise. Some days, self-compassion may mean pushing through those first uncomfortable minutes of your run with the knowledge that you will feel great when you’re finished. Other days, self-compassion may mean acknowledging that your body is asking for rest. Slow down. Tune in!

I like to think about self-compassion as part of an emotional bucket that we each carry. Throughout your day, think about the ways in which you expend your emotional energy.

Now, think of the ways in which you use self-compassion and self-care to fill yourself back up. Without self-compassion and self-care, that emotional bucket can empty out pretty quickly. Now that you’re learning to turn inward and focus on the physical sensations and thought patterns that arise as you run, begin to apply the lens of self-compassion to your running. Will your run today add to that emotional bucket? Apply this lens with each run, and make adjustments to your plan in order to keep adding to that bucket!

At Home Exercise: Your Approach this Month

This month, take some time to think about the following:

  • What positive thoughts about myself can I focus on? What are my strengths and what helps me to know my value?
  • How do I feel when my emotional bucket is empty or nearing empty? What are the immediate steps I can take to start to refill that bucket?

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”

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Inspiration to Hit the Pavement

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Pre-Run Stretch

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