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BTL Run Club: November 2020

This month in Run club

November’s theme for Run Club is Gratitude. There is so much research on the benefits of incorporating gratitude into your daily life: increased happiness, reduced levels of stress, and an improved ability to focus are just a few of these benefits. In fact, research has shown that expressing gratitude may have lasting effects on the brain. Studies suggest that the practice of expressing gratitude may make the brain more sensitive to experiencing gratitude in general!  

Incorporating gratitude into your running routine can be a great way to gain all of the benefits that a gratitude practice has to offer, while simultaneously benefiting your running practice. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude while running can reduce the heart rate and even trigger feelings of relaxation!  

Gratitude can fall under the “easier said than done” category in life. Our brains are hardwired to seek constant stimuli, meaning that we are constantly craving the next new thing.

It can be hard to find gratitude in the present moment when our brains are sending out these signals for newer, better, faster, etc. The way to move past this? Would it surprise you to hear that a daily gratitude practice helps retrain the brain to find peace in the current moment? Whether you’re writing down something you’re grateful for every day, thinking about this before bed, or merely recognizing the beauty in nature as you step outside, mindfully practicing gratitude is the key to finding gratitude more easily. Give it a try!

At Home Exercise: Your Approach this Month

This month, devote some of your walk or run to focus on every small thing that you are grateful for. This can be done once a week or each time you are running. Incorporate this into your plan for your run. For example, make a commitment to spend your second mile focusing on finding gratitude in your surroundings and in your body. Notice the challenges that come up as you settle into your “Grateful Mile,” and notice how you are feeling as you complete your “Grateful Mile.”

“Gratitude makes sense of your past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

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