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Run Club: March 2021

This Month in Run Club: How fitting is the name for the month of March? After weeks of weary winter weather, Spring resiliently marches forward with strength and fortitude. It brings tidings of hope and warmth and signals a time for new beginnings and growth. Whether you are just beginning your running journey, you’re resuming the journey after months of hibernation, or you’ve rarely wavered from your path, there is something that is simply magical about running in the first early days of Spring.  

New beginnings or fresh starts can feel so inspiring! When first committing or recommitting to a plan or goal, the energy and excitement that is attached feels outstanding. We want to help you plan for success. Part of making strides towards success is to plan for obstacles to occur. Obstacles can be disappointing without being devastating toward your progress.

Consider yourself as a tiny seedling in the process of growth. Hitting an obstacle is like going a day (or a few days) without being watered. Ultimately, if you resume your watering routine, you’ll continue to grow and blossom! As you inevitably meet your obstacles, remind yourself that you have the wonderful ability to begin again (and again, and again!).  

At home exercise: Your Approach this Month

This month, take some time to think about the following:

  • What does the word “begin” mean to me? What does it mean for me to begin something, or to return to something through the lens of a fresh beginning?
  • What obstacles can I foresee as I approach my running routine? How can I plan to overcome these challenges?

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

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