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BTL Run Club: September 2020

This month in Run club

September’s theme for Run Club is all about Beginnings. Beginnings happen in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some beginnings enter our lives with a tidy and neat plan. Some are loud and brazen. Some are tiny and barely perceptible.  Some are welcome, some not so much. And while running may or may not be a new beginning for you, this run club is!  

Utilize Run Club as a way to begin to truly show up for yourself. Often beginning one healthy habit is like a domino effect for self-care. Let’s start to prioritize self-care. One of the most forgiving things I say to myself is “begin again.” I use this mantra to remind myself to come back to myself, to start fresh, to refocus my attention to the energy and excitement I had initially brought to something when I first approached something new. Let’s do that here. Let’s begin…or, let’s begin again!

Now that we’ve talked about the beauty of a beginning, let’s talk obstacles. Beginning a new routine, joining a new club, starting a new plan, or making scheduling changes with the changes in the seasons requires some degree of effort and mindful planning.

The best way to create success here? Carve out the time to make your plan (It sounds like a bit of circular thinking here, no? Make a plan to make a plan!). But seriously! Write it down! Whether you’re a fan of a physical planner or utilize an app or your computer, chances are the more mindfully you can approach your week, the more likely you are to prioritize the things that matter and to envision any hurdles that you may have to cross.  

At Home Exercise: Your Approach this Month

This month, take some time to think about the following:

  • What does the word “begin” mean to me? What does it mean for me to begin something, or to return to something through the lens of a fresh beginning?
  • What obstacles can I foresee as I approach my running routine? How can I plan to overcome these challenges?

“This is the beginning of anything you want.”

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