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BTL Run Club: April 2021

This Month in Run Club:

Weather during the month of April is typically unpredictable in New England, but this year it feels a little more so, no? Finding the motivation to run when it’s beautiful and sunny one day and cold, windy, rainy, or even snowing the next can present more of a challenge than you may typically face. Here are a helpful tips to help you though these unpredictable days:

Regardless of the weather, try to start to attend more to your senses. What sights do you notice as you’re walking or jogging? What does the air feel like on your skin? Make a point of surveying your surroundings. Who knows, you may find that you absolutely love running in the rain!

Remember your why. Getting your running shoes on and starting your jog can be the most difficult part of the entire experience. Shift your focus. How do you want to feel when your run has been completed? What positive benefits do you feel when you run? 

Plan ahead and shift when necessary. At the outset of your week, take a look at the weather forecast and think about when and where you will run. Even the best laid plans often need some adjusting. If the weather truly won’t cooperate with you, check out the Be The Love library for yoga, strength, or HIIT classes that you can do indoors.  

At home exercise: Your Approach this Month

Our videos this month are from the Treadmill Love+ running program.  We’ve got one yoga class and one strength based class for you to check out.  If you like them, take a look at the Treadmill Love+ program for more!


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Full Body Flow

Full Body Strength Training


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