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January 2022

An Intentional Beginning

As people, we’ve grown past the punishment of resolutions. We know that trying to set lofty lifestyle goals in the midst of one of the coldest, darkest months of the year often results in disappointment, which can lead to feeling even worse in the post-holiday let down.

And yet – this dark, cold, lunar time of year is available for us to embrace for all the goodness it does offer us. 

With long, dark evenings, we have more invitations to light candles and be infused with some of our favorite scents. With cold days, we have the chance to embrace cozy socks and warm blankets. With quiet weekends, we have the chance to catch up on a new series or re-watch a favorite movie.

And with more time to ourselves, we have a chance to re-discover who we are, set some delightful intentions to look forward to, and deepen that connection with inquiry, reflection, and journaling. 

This month, you are invited to begin the delightful process of self-discovery with meditation, inquiry, and the option to select a word for your year. 

Mindful New Year

This 45-minute Mindful New Year workshop includes intention setting, inquiry, and the process I use each year to set intentions to explore, manifest, and grow in the coming year. 

Clear the Past Year

The first step in beginning your intention setting, energy-clearing ritual is to clear out the past, let go of the previous year, and and make room for what will be. This could include saging your home or office, energy clearing meditation, or doing a short journaling exercise to write down what you want to release. Here are some classes to support this experience. 

Move More in May | 31 Meditation Classes in 31 Days

Energy Clearing Meditation

with Julie

Yoga in the schools - MPS

Energy Healing + Cord Cutting

with Jacqui

Gentle Yoga: Presence

with Julie

Unite with Possibility

Now, you can begin to set in possibility and promise for what you desire in this moment. Tapping into the heart, feeling what is on your mind, what wears on your soul, and what you desire to bring into your life. Be delicate here. Listen well. Be open to this taking time. Keep showing up for it and continue to be open by what you find. 

Move More in May | 31 Meditation Classes in 31 Days

Your Heart’s Desire Meditation

with Julie

Yoga in the schools - MPS

Wholeness Meditation

with Julie

Gentle Yoga: Intuition

with Julie


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