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Private Classes

Individualized + small group programming and training for a custom experience

What it means to invest in your wellbeing

This is where breakthroughs happen, friend. 

Maybe you’re just starting back into movement.

Maybe you want to begin yoga, but want clear instruction to begin. 

Maybe you’re just not getting what you need from group classes.

Maybe you’re working with chronic pain.

Maybe you have an injury.

Maybe you’re struggling to show up.

Maybe you’re feeling super self-conscious (we totally get it).

But you know you need this.

You have questions.

We have knowledge, extensive training, and a breadth of practice and personal study.

We can create a plan that works for you.

That works with your schedule, that works for your needs, your goals, and your interests.

And, together, we’ll help you see it through.

We are a warm, friendly, judgement-free team

How do private 1-on-1 sessions work?

Here at Be the Love, we believe that your practice is entirely your own. We work with you to create a supportive, custom, and individualized yoga, meditation, and wellbeing plan that works for you. And we help you see it through.

BTL Free 5-day daily yoga challenge

What you get in individualized sessions:

+ Goal setting: together, we will help you set personal goals for your body and mind

+ Individualized program: we’ll create a movement, mindfulness, and/or meditation plan that supports your goal

+ Based on your needs: body, mind, and spirit goals

+ Time: we respect your time, and offer solutions that work with your availability

We work with you to create lasting goals, integrated with movement, meditation, mindfulness, and care. And we offer regular support to help you see and feel the results. 

Introductory Special

3 sessions in 21 days with any yoga, fitness, or meditation teacher

Rates and Membership Options

We create customized programs that work for you 


Membership Options

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness work best for your body, mind, and nervous system when practiced regularly. To facilitate that, we offer a range of options to help you get started. Once you’re in, we’ll create a custom plan that works best for you. 

Membership Benefits

+ Unlimited live classes
+ Unlimited access to our 700+ On-Demand Library
+ No commitment: change, downgrade, pause at any time (with 2 weeks notice)
+ Additional sessions at members-only discount
+ Sessions roll over
+ 1 free 30-day program per month


Other Payment Options

Too busy for membership? Just trying it out? Book single sessions with us for $140 per session.

The value of investing in you

What if you had a regular practice that supported your nervous system, helped your mind feel more at ease, and brought your body into greater strength, flexibility, and wellness?

What if you had a regular practice that could do all of that, and was something you enjoyed?

And what if you left each session smiling? Filled with gratitude? More at ease?

This is what our clients see time and again. They make huge shifts in their wellness and wellbeing. With increased energy, improved joy, feelings of wellbeing, greater happiness, more flexibility, stronger, fitter, and more mentally and emotionally resilient

This is the most value-packed practice you can do. And it can be yours.

You deserve this

If you’ve been struggling to show up and start moving your body. If you’ve been wanting to start yoga, or a mindfulness practice, for a while, but you’re struggling to start. Maybe you’re not sure what to do. Maybe you’ve been practicing for a while, and you’re ready to get to the next level.

If you are looking for community and encouragement to start showing up and moving your body, well, friend — 

It’s time to take care of you.

Here at BTL, our staff are caring, compassionate, and deeply encouraging. They will give you the structure, the support, and the guidance to set real mind, body, and wellbeing goals. And they will be there to help you see them through.

All you have to do is show up

We’ve got everything you need, and it’s all right here

“With hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”

– Michael Phelps


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