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Week 2

Can Treadmill Running be Fun?!

It’s time for a challenge. When you think about running on the treadmill, what are your immediate thoughts? 

Most likely, your first thoughts are not about how excited you are to run in place for a prolonged period of time. That said, the treadmill is a great tool to help keep up your running stamina when getting outside is simply not possible.  As someone who has taken time off of running during different periods of my life, I can tell you that I am always humbled by how quickly my body can go from being able to run 10 miles a day to someone who can barely get through 1 mile. 

So, let’s call the treadmill out on this: treadmill, you are boring, but gosh, do I need you!

  • Netflix and Run: When I run outside, there’s nothing I like more than being an observer of my environment.  Inside, I want nothing less than to stare at my wall for 30+ minutes. Before you run, scroll through your options for funny, attention grabbing, binge-worthy shows. Here is the important part though…ONLY watch this show when you are on the treadmill. If podcasts are more of your jam, find a great one and follow the same plan of listening only while running. You’ll be surprised at how motivating this can be!  
  • Change It Up: We’ve intentionally added the hill and interval work to the weekly plan for a couple of reasons. Not only will this help keep your body conditioned for the variable terrain when you’re running outside, but the frequent changes you’ll make on the treadmill will help the time feel like it’s going by faster. This is also why each week you’ll have a different hill and interval plan. Keep it interesting by keeping it different!
  • Play Around: You can ABSOLUTELY play around on the treadmill. Especially during your 30 minute treadmill run, try changing things up. Every 4 minutes, bring the speed down to 1 and walk sideways for 1 minute (make sure to do both sides), do 1 minute of lunges, or turn around and walk backwards for 1 minute! Or, instead of hitting the quick start button, pick one of the preprogrammed settings and let the treadmill choose the hills. Not knowing what is coming next can be a great motivator to keep going.  
  • Reach Out: Connect with us on Facebook or reach out to a friend. Tell us your plan for the day. Telling someone else what your plan is can be extremely motivating to actually follow through with that plan.  Accountability for the win!


30 min Treadmill

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Upper Body with Laura



30 min Treadmill



Core with Caitrin


30 min Treadmill

Speed Interval

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Cross Training for Upper Body

Yoga for Core

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