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Thank you, teacher

Let’s MOVE!

Welcome, yogi.


In this page, we’ve curated a mix of our favorite ways to move, to sweat, to build back strength, flexibility, and openness – a little tougher, a little stronger, a little more present. 

These classes are great if you want a challenge. From yoga for runners, to HiiT with boxing, to Vinyasa III — the classes on this page will help you push it to the next level. 

So get ready, friend. And let’s do this!



HiiT + Boxing with weights

Laura is a badass personal trainer out of South Boston. She offers 30-min HiiT Fitness classes with a mix of boxing, weights, and high intensity training weekday mornings. Try her Treadmill+ cross-training program.

Meditative Movement

Caitrin is an avid runner and yogi. She inspires people every day to keep showing up, whether it’s in Run Club, Your First 5k, or the Your First 10k programs she’s created. Learn more about our yoga + runners programs here

Mindful Movement Vinyasa

Michelle is a middle school teacher and an old school yogi. She offers a mindful, caring, and moderate Vinyasa class. She has a thoughtful and though provoking practice. You can find her in our On Demand Library.

Tapas + Feel the Burn

Jenn has this beautiful way of weaving yoga philosphy and physical practice in a practical, digestible way. She is a delight to practice with and her classes are just 45 minutes! You can find her in our On Demand Library.


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