EMERGE: 31 Days of Slow + Steady Movement


31 Days of Slow + Steady accessible yoga and movement, PDF workbook, and all the tools you need to discover daily yoga with ease.
Have you ever felt like the choice of WHAT to practice, or WHEN to practice, or the schedule, and the limitations of live classes has been a little .. overwhelming?
Have you ever opened our class library, or opened up the schedule and, with HUNDREDS of classes available, felt like there is just way too much choice?
Have you been wanting to really root and establish a daily yoga / movement practice, but struggled to actually show up?
For years I have wanted to curate 30-day experiences for you. And the success and love for our daily movement challenges really put the proof in the pudding. The excitement around easing into daily movement, with the guidance and expertise of an experienced team, is the difference maker.
It's what makes it POSSIBLE for us to show up on the daily and really get and gain the benefits of regular yoga practice.
Clear thoughts.
Lighter mood.
More energy.
Better sleep.
More flexible.
EASE | A 31-day Daily Movement Experience
Flow through a month of absolute delight and deliciously slow movement with classes including: Gentle Yoga, Myofascial Release, Adaptive Reset, All-Levels and custom meditations, perfectly crafted for a month of indulgent self-care.
This program arrives with:
+ PDF Workbook
+ Daily Practice Calendar
+ Video playlist
+ Easy access links
+ Checklist and tracking
+ Journal and reflections to document your experience

Timing and Class Length
Classes range from 30-min, 45-min, and 60-min

Heather, Ashley, Audrey, and Julie with special features from Caitrin and Jacqui Burak

Class styles include: 
+ Gentle Yoga
+ All Levels Yoga
+ Adaptive Movement
+ Sunday Service
+ Meditation
+ Myofascial Release

If there is ONE THING I could offer to the yogi that struggles with daily movement, it would be this. It's everything. All in one super-accessible place.


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