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Hey, yogi!

This year we are SO HAPPY and delighted to offer outdoor yoga classes at our NEW location – here at Mill & Main!

Classes offered include: All-Levels, Beginners, and Meditation.

Classes are weather-dependent.

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“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down.”

– Judith Hanson Lasater

Who We Are

We are an open-armed welcoming and accepting community of yogis of all ages. We are non-judgmental and consciously investigate our own selves to live the practice – on an off the mat. 

Our Approach

When it comes to crafting and creating your own experience, the BTL method offers you a range of variations – to adapt the practice to your body, to what it needs, and to let you lead the movement experience that will serve you – as you are. 

We believe in:

+ Adaptive movement and caring for your body, as it is today

+ Modifications bring you deeper into your practice

+ All-levels can truly be a space for all 

+ Yoga is more than the shapes you make, it’s a feeling

Our Location

We are now located at Mill & Main in Maynard, MA.

Our practice space is a covered location in the well maintained private courtyard along Main Street, across from the US Post Office. Classes are taught in open air for Covid-safe conditions and, because, well – it’s fun!

Class registration is limited. Must sign up in advance to attend. Join email list for latest updates.

We love practicing here, yogi. And we think you will too.

How to join classes

All outdoor classes are weather-dependent. Classes are priced the same as our virtual studio. Memberships are the best way to practice with us, though class packs can offer the freedom to show up as much as you like. Learn more about our commitment-free, hybrid, outdoor, and virtual options through the links below. 


If you seek peace, be still.
If you seek wisdom, be silent.
If you seek love, be yourself.

You deserve this

If you’ve been anxious to get back on the mat. If you are looking for community and encouragement to start showing up and moving your body, well, friend — 

It’s all right here. 

Here at BTL, our yoga program gives you just enough of what you need to show up and take care of body, mind, and practice with the support, encouragement, and adaptations to meet you where you are

Join us and kickstart your movement practice. Join us because it’s fun. Sign up for the email list to get the latest. Try a virtual class before you join! We’ve got everything you need, and it’s all right here

Julie Love Gagen | Owner, Be the Love Wellness

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Let's Connect!

Let's Connect!

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