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BUILDING Resilience

8-week Certificate Program


Building Resilience is an experiential stress awareness program for high achieving students, to give the opportunity to learn about the body, the growing brain, and the real-life pressures high school students face today.

Through the weekly program, we’ll explore what stress looks and feels like in the body, we’ll identify strategies to manage stress in the moment, and we’ll build a set of tools to help you navigate the social-emotional landscape of the human condition, so that you can show up as the best version of you. 

Because the world deserves to have you reaching your fullest potential with a balanced brain, body, and emotions so that you can truly thrive.

For more information on the program:

Building Resilience is an 8-week opt-in program coordinated through MHS Guidance. Students that attend the full program receive a certificate for their resume. 

WEEK 1: Fundamentals of Mindful Awareness

This week, we get to know one another and set some individual goals for the program. We practice breathwork, mindful awareness, and do a joint opening series to wake up the body and start to shake things up. 

This week, we get started with some big ideas: 
+ Grounding exercises to balance anxiety
+ Introduction to breathwork
+ Concept: thoughts affect emotions, emotions affect physiology / feelings, feelings affect how we act / what we say / what we do
+ The purpose of the sigh: Letting Go Breath

 Below are links to the supporting videos for this week. 


Joint Opening Series

Simple Practice

Intro to Guided Relaxation

Short Practice


Looking for something more? Try these audio meditations and breathwork practices.


Breath Awareness Meditation

(Sample from 31 Meditations in 31 Days)

Yoga in the schools - MPS

Belly Breathing Meditation

(Sample from 31 Meditations in 31 Days)


Building Resilience is an 8-week opt-in program coordinated through MHS Guidance. For more information on how to join the program, contact your guidance counselor.



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