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About this program

Our program includes 4-8 lessons on Yoga, Mindfulness, and Resiliency. Our program is rooted in a well-researched, science-based approach to movement, mindful awareness, and developing stress management and resiliency tools that students can use for years to come. 

Parent Information Night – Fall 2021

Green Meadow Approach

Hi, parents! For Green Meadow, much of the programming we’re doing for the kindergarteners is pretty at their level, basic movement and mindfulness. We are offering (4) classes for Kindergarten students. Basically, we’re just trying to have some fun and – hey – if we happen to learn some tools about mindfulness, self-awareness, and feeling more confident in our bodies (which we do), then great!

In Grade 3, we are using an abbreviated lesson plan, taught in classroom, similar to that of Fowler School. Check out their resources here.


MHS Approach

At MHS, we are incorporating this program as a rotation in 9th grade PE. The lessons are (6) 50-minute lessons, taught at the level of our high school students. Many of the concepts provided at the middle school level are adapted, however the way in which they are delivered is adapted to the high school level. We offer information on anatomy and physiology, understanding the systems in the body as they relate to stress, self-management, and self-awareness. 

In addition, we offer an opt-in program called Building Resilience. This is a program created in cooperation with guidance to provide high-performing students with the opportunity to connect, relieve some tension, and address more advanced topics of stress, anxiety, and resilience.

Last, currently I am offering free weekly classes for teens online via YouTube Sundays at 5:30pm EST. You can check it out on our YouTube Channel or view resources for teens on this playlist


More Information on this Program

If you’re curious about what the full version of this program looks like, we have some detailed parent resources in the Fowler program. Check it out here.


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