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Week 4: Acceptance and Santosha

This week, we’re discussing the roll acceptance plays in our mindfulness practice, and tying that into the yogic concept of santosha, or deep and lasting contentment.

We’ve got a guided meditation on creating space for acceptance, and a short yin yoga practice to open your heart.

Acceptance | Week 4 Assignments:

  1. Watch Acceptance and Santosha Lecture
  2. Daily Vipassana (5 minutes)
  3. Download & Print Workbook Chapter Four
  4. Practice Creating Space for What is (audio)
  5. Practice Heart Opening Yin (ideally 2-4 times this week)
  6. Complete Daily Mindfulness Log this week

Watch this Week’s Video

Mindfulness with Love- Week 4 workbook
Mindfulness with Love- Week 4 activity

Practice: Heart Opening Yin


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